Botany deals with the study of Plant Kingdom and the application of Plant Science to develop modern technology. It is a fascinating science that studies structure, evolution, ecosystem, , bio-chemical processes and pathology of plants. This stream is responsible for the identification, classification and naming of Plant species.

The application of this field spreads to agriculture, biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, forestry, energy production and many more fields of present day relevance.


  • To explore and identify new species of plants.
  • To adopt the knowledge of plant science in conservation biology
  • To optimise agriculture with sustainable techniques of plant biotechnology.
  • To preserve, study and practice the ancient tenable knowledge of ethnobotany.
  • To combat and minimize the effect of climate change through studies in stress biology of plants.
  • To innovate techniques in plant genetics and molecular biology.



  • M.Sc. in Botany
  • M.Sc. in Applied Botany
  • M.Sc. in Plant Sciences


  • Teaching Field
  • Research Assistant, Scientist
  • Scientific article writer, editor, content writer
  • Analyst, Quality expert in seed technology
  • Pharmaceuticalcompanies
  • Self employment- Mushroom cultivation, Spirulina cultivation etc.
  • Commercial Plant breeder ( Nurseries )
  • Various Government job opportunities :
  • In premier research institutes as Taxonomist, Cytologist, Physiologist, Forensic expert etc.
  • In agriculture department
  • An edge to qualify in forest services, and civil services examinations.

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