Parent Teachers Association of the college “Yashodeepa” aim at providing a collaborative platform to discuss and plan activities to support growth and development of each pupil. The association calls for meeting once in two months and discuss about the plans and programs of the college. During the meeting there will be an expert talk on issue related to parenting. The meeting also contains individual interaction with the mentor of each student. This facilitates close and fruitful dialogue  in discussing the needs, problems and issues of individual concerns of the students.


The Committee supervises time to time assessment and analysis of students progress. The committee conducts meeting regularly and updates the planning and procedures of conducting internal assessment, tests, evaluating, seminars, regularity of attendance of each student.


The classes to help the student who lags behind in any of the subjects are conducted by getting the feedback. The remedial classes not only provide extra learning opportunity but also deal with psychological factors coming on the way of effective learning. There for these classes are specially arranged with lot of psychological techniques like reinforcements, mind boggling technique, interaction, memory and concentration enhancement technique and so on.

Teaching Positions are Open for for M Phil Clinical Psychology

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