To provide pupils with necessary skills to flourish in an ever-changing world. Developing an inspirational and aspirational college community that engages with all parents and careers. Developing well rounded individuals who have determination and capacity to strengthen their character. To impart need based innovative and professional training in the areas of study. To sensitize the students about the social needs and problems.



¤ To offer need based relevant courses of study blending knowledge and skills.

¤ To create necessary ambience and activities to nurture holistic comprehensive development of the youth.

¤ To introduce innovative learning methods in the discipline s of literature, psychology, social work and other social sciences.

¤ To complement academic education with training in multiple skills in communication, social intelligence, and critical thinking.

¤ To support humanistic value.



We aim for all pupils to be happy and to be challenged in the supportive and safe environment. Insisting the students to reach high expectations. Raise the academic standards in order to improve year on year. To prepare students to meet the challenges of tomorrow with creativity, spirit, intelligence, competence and responsibility. To provide education fostering values of sharing service and justice, thereby leading to a more equitable human society.



¤ To impart need based innovative and professional training of social work and psychology.

¤ To sensitize the students about the social needs and problems.

¤ To prepare students optimize the various social resources sustainable growth and development.

¤ To provide opportunity for higher education to the young knowledge seekers.

¤ To create a forum through which the social thinkers, social scientists, social workers, psychologists and planners may change their perception and attitude.

¤ To sensitize the students about the social needs and problems.

¤ To provide guidance and support for the all – round personality of the students.

¤ To collaborate with the local bodies, national and international organization for social change and social development, etc.

¤ To provide education and training in social work to those desirous of making a career in social work practice/ psychology/Other subject of arts.

¤ To provide opportunities through intensive field practicum to work with variety of people in their development and provide service to those who are in need of it.

¤ To provide inter-disciplinary collaboration for better understanding of human problems, services and issues related to human development.

Teaching Positions are Open for for M Phil Clinical Psychology

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