Code of Conduct


1. As per the rules and regulations of university, students’ attendance, progress and conduct must be satisfactory to write examination.

2. 75% of attendance is compulsory in order to write examination.

3. The students who do not possess minimum attendance are not eligible to get any scholarship from the government.

4. The progress of the Student’s will be regarded by the attendance and marks of internal assessment.

5. Students’ progress will be considered as unsatisfactory if he/she is absent for the tests.

6. Students will be individually monitored by entire college staff. In case of miss behaviour students discipline committee will take necessary actions by informing parents / guardians. If necessary he/she will be rusticated form the college.

7. Ragging and Malpractice is considered as punishable offence and he / she will not be able to continue their education anywhere.

8. No-Due certificate from all the departments should be produce before obtaining Hall Ticket.

9. Minimum passing marks is 40 in main examination which includes 35% in theory examination and 40% in average I ncluding internals assessments.

10. The result Class will be given by consolidating marks from all the semester.

a. 70 and above – First class with Distinction
b. Below 70 and above 60 – First class
c. Below 60 and above 50 – Second class

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